Mount Sunapee Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • November 02, 2014
    KCinNH from United States

    Andrew Brook Trail...Blue blazed. 3.8 round trip.
    On mtn rd in Newbury, 3rd bridge up the road is parking and trailhead. Trail starts flat, then ascends gradually with a couple medium places. Many rock steps and stepping stones on this well maintained path. Crosses brook 3-4 times climbing thru mixed hardwoods. Eventually flattens a bit and comes into spruces. 3/4 way up is a short ladder. Trees are getting shorter now and at 1.9 miles you come out at Lake Solitude, a pleasant couple acre tarn to take a break at, between the Sunapee peaks. Follow blazes around north end of lake to trail end. Trail junction and sign...left joins Monadnock- Sunapee Greenway, white blaze, follows the lake shore south and goes about a half mile to the pretty view-less south peak of Sunapee marked by a large cairn(well, it actually runs 50 mi, to Mt Monadnock in Jaffrey NH, with open face Adirondack style shelters every 6-7 miles along the way, highly recommended, but anyway...). Turn right at the sign to ascend to White Ledges, under a 1/4 mi, and the ski area peak and trails, 3/4-1 mi, where you come out on a service rd and climb to the summit lodge, with fine views of the area.