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AsMount Manypeaks (Western Australia) – Climbing Notes


Mount Manypeaks (Western Australia) Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • April 03, 2021
    Hans R Wellinger from Australia

    Camping is good at Norman's Inlet. No supplies of any kind though, including no water.
    Routes to top of Mount Many Peak:
    Route 1:
    Cross the creek at the campsite, then head up to the ridge ahead and follow that to the summit. The higher you go, the denser the bush gets and the harder the walk becomes. It becomes extremely challenging and exhausting. Gave up before I reached the summit on this route.
    Route 2: Tried from Waychinicup, only to be stopped by almost impenetrable rain forest as you get higher up. Again, failed and gave up long before reaching the summit.
    Route 3: Success at last.
    Walked due east along beach from Norman's inlet to where it hits the rocks. From there on, straight up to the summit in a direttissima. Exhausting and very demanding again, in many areas due to dense growth, but eventually, you reach the last bare hump of rock near the summit. Clambering over this rock up and then down again can be a bit hairy, but it gets you there. All told, with a generous lunch break the round trip took me about 10 to 12 mostly strenuous hours, but it was worth it. On a calm day after Easter, you can see the ocean speckled with vast schools of herrings and salmon.
    Keep in mind that all the ocean facing slopes catch lots of rain and are therefore covered in extremely thick rain forests. Often, a machete would be very handy, but then the National Park people would take a very dim view to that sort of approach. Keep an open eye for tiger snakes, plenty of them, especially when the weather warms up after winter.
    Still, a worth while expedition. Climbed the mountain several times, once with my son who was at that stage in year 4 or 5 and he managed OK.
    Best Time to go: Just after Easter, then all through winter until say September. October would probably be the last opportunity, as later in the year, it gets rather warm.
    Hope this helps.
    Good hiking, Hans

  • November 20, 2012
    Tommy from Australia

    About a 2.5hr climb to the top depending on the way you attack it...if you come from the South Western side it's a relatively straight forward 2hr climb. However, the first time we attempted it we headed off from the Northern side and went through some really dense terrain which absolutely destroyed us both physically and mentally and we abandoned the venture about 3hrs in.

    Nevertheless, on our second attempt we got up to the top only to find a bottle up there with some notes written in it by a Scouts group. Although, we were not surprised it did wreck our fantasy of being the first to summit this mountain..ha-ha.

    Well, if you make it up...leave us a note!! :)