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PpMount Giluwe – Climbing Notes


Mount Giluwe Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • October 11, 2021
    Dave Mclardy from New Zealand


    I lived in Mendi for three years as a child in the nineties. My parents worked for the church.
    I climbed that when I was ten with my Dad John Mclardy and Ken Paterson.
    We camped on the ridge below the peak climb for night, froze the night through.
    There are two peaks, the next day I was knackered when we got to the top of the lower peak so dad and I started back while Ken and the local guides completed the second peak.
    We got lost In the bush in the dark on the way back and happened to make camp on the track which were must have been crisscrossing over.
    Got home and realised dad had not put the film in the camera properly and it wasn’t winding on.

    Best memory of PNG.

  • December 13, 2019
    Steven Morgan from United Kingdom

    Hello all. My name is Steve Morgan. I used to live in Mendi during the 1960/1970 period. My father was actually Superintendent of Mendi Prison.

    In 1969 my friend Bob Ivanow who also lived in Mendi actually climbed Mount Giluwe. I was 19 years of age at the time. As young men we found it exciting to climb Mt Giluwe. I believe that we were among the earliest to make the climb. I would suggest that we are also the youngest to climb Mt Giluwe.

    Also we climbed what was called Clancies Knob close to Mendi which in actual fact was more difficult than Mt Giluwe.

    The view from the summit was fantastic. We did not require oxygen bottles for the climb.

    Would like to hear from anyone else with Mt Giluwe climbing experience.

    My email address can be obtained by requesting it from the helpdesk of this website.

    I now live in the U.K.

  • November 21, 2013
    Peter Kinjap from Papua New Guinea

    Scheduled on the December 2013, the peak of Mt. Giluwe will be landmarked with an inscription that has never been before. Many locals and tourists have climb the mountain but it was never been landmarked as other peaks around the world. This year, it will be landmarked by local PNGans and 2 travellers coming all the way from Romania.

    The 2 people are Alexandra Marcu and Dan Marcu. Alexandra have just launched a book in Europe and due to the launch of the book they were contacted by Nikkon, the Photo Company, and they are going to give Alexandra a state-of -the-art camera. She will be taking this camera to PNG, took shots and promote the photos they will be taking in Papua New Guinea the world over. This is great. Alexandra takes photographic courses provided by Nikkon Company. They will also make an official presentation of photos taken in PNG to Nikkon. Photos about Mount Giluwe, the jungle, the village, the wildlife, the traditions and so forth. It will be a Papua New Guinean-Romanian collaboration.

    The Romanians are taking off from Port Moresby on November 30th at 07:45 and land in M Hagen 09:15 on the same day (depending on flight schedules).

    There are just 2 girls in the world that try to climb this 7 Volcanoes Circuit. The Russian Olga Rumyantseva who is 34 and the Romanian Alexandra Marcu who is 16.

    If this European girl of 16 years old, manages to climb Giluwe, it will be an hit for Mt. Giluwe as a tourism destination. Alexandra climbed Mont Blanc at 12 years old and Kilimanjaro at 13 and her records are very well known. She is a name in the world of the climbers, trekkers and travellers the world over.

    For more of her climbing records, please do visit her blog, HERE: .....alexandraflaviamarcu.wordpress.co

    To get more information or travel advise to climb Mt. Giluwe, please find us here on our blog to contact us,......pnghtours.blogspot.com

    Thank you,
    Peter Kinjap.

  • June 06, 2013
    Peter Kinjap from Papua New Guinea

    Climbing Mt. Giluwe may take up to 2 days to reach the summits. My first climbing was in 2007 when on school vocation decided the climb with friends. You need some heavy covers for the cold night and a torch. Sufficient food for the days you wanted to spend, camping out.

    There are many entrance to the peak from the base depending on which village you stopover to climb. If you are at Tambul, the you choose a track locals use from there. If you are at Puluwa village, then you choose a track they used there too. If you at Kiripia village, you choose a track by locals there too. If you are Tamal, you choose the track there. All those tracks are used by locals to walk the bush for hunting, collecting bush materials for building houses, collecting firewood or just camping out at the peaks.

    Local villagers are very friendly and they can assist for accommodation at each of the entrances you choose to take.

    I took the one from Kiripia village which is right direct uphill until you reach the top.

    At the peak, you will find many interesting things; wildlife and remains of ancient volcanic rocks and geography. From the summit, you can see Mt. Hagen and Mendi with an aerial view.

    Its all fun, with variety of wildlife and plants to ponder at.

    I am planning my next trip soon and this time, I will take enough photos to share here if possible. (FYI. I am a local living at the base of the Mountain so keep in touch with me if you would want to experience one of the old volcanic sites and a coldest climate you can imagine in the tropics.

    Email me at: peter.kinjap[at]gmail.com

    Enjoy climbing!