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CaMount Carleton – Climbing Notes


Mount Carleton Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • December 12, 2017
    Mike from Canada

    This is not overly difficult to climb, it's actually a gentle hill most of the way up until you reach the final 100 meters or so, where it gets steeper. Good footwear, and perhaps a pair of trekking poles will make it easier. Ropes and such are not required.

    It is roughly 4.5km on the "easy" path. Give yourself lots of time to take in the views. It gets dark fast when the sun is going down, and footing can be tricky.

    Watch out for the invasive species "Giant Hog Weed". They do a good job of blocking it off, but they can't get all of it. Touching it can be very painful, causing skin burns, and getting it in your eyes can cause blindness.

    About halfway up there is a small cabin, (suitable for a snack-break). At the summit, there is also a building that used to be used as a fire watch tower. The views are fantastic when the weather is cooperating.

    Please sign into and out of the trail at the parking lot, so the park warden is not wasting time looking for you unnecessarily.