Mount Ararat or Agri Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • February 14, 2020
    john from Romania

    Arrival and accommodation in Dogubayazit
    Transfer by minibus to Eli vilage
    Transfer luggage on horses to Camp I &trekking to Camp I
    Transfer luggage on horses to Camp II&trekking to Camp II
    Summit Day from Camp II to Ararat Peak
    Back to Camp II, Camp I, Eli village
    Return to Dogubayazit

  • January 13, 2013
    Anatolian Adventures from Turkey

    The summit of Ararat is accessible from 4-5 different routes but only the direct southern route is allowed by the officials. The best time to climb the mountain is between July - September. Anybody who is willing to climb the summit should have a basic experience about self arrest, ice-axe and crampon use. Minimum trekking experience of 5-6 hours in high altitude (Above 3000 meters) is essential. With the guidance of "professional guides" the last 200 meters altitude offering the glacier, will be passed without any problem if the weather is good enough.

    The permit procedure is seriously taking time (minimum 30 days) and the basic passport information is needed upon application.

    The most important thing about the safety, is the tour operator. There are many operators providing trekking services illegally on the internet. The region is so crowded with small local operators, and there are many illegal ones, who do not have the license to guide on this mountain, nor license to operate tours in Turkey.

    Be careful about selecting your tour operator; all your travel arrangements should be done with a fully bonded travel agency licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey and should be a member of TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agencies Association). This will protect the climbers financially in case of bad hospitality & disagreement, and will provide an obligatory insurance coverage of the association.

    For further information and full support about climbing mount Ararat, you can visit Anatolian Adventures website.