Mount Afadjato Climbing Notes

  • April 05, 2018
    Sam Hart from United Kingdom

    I decided to climb this mountain despite my age of 67 and with a replacement hip. It was the toughest most frightening thing I have ever done. I have handled many dangerous snakes including cobras rattlesnakes and a black mamba, but this was far, far worse than that. It was the morning of 3rd April 2018 and extremely hot and humid. The sight of the almost vertical climb nearly made me stop but I was determined to do it. After just a few minutes I was gasping for breath with the exertion of the climb. I had many stops for rest and drank nearly two litres of water but after numerous rests and a few scary moments I eventually made it to the summit.When i looked around the views were spectacular. The area around the summit was however completely spoiled by the litter strewn around which was so disappointing. There were a small group of Ghanaian lads and when I said how horrible it was we soon organised a clear up party and in just a few moments we had collected up 90% of the litter!! which they took down with them. The climb down was also treacherous and probably worse as you are looking down an almost vertical drop. I slithered and slipped my way down trying not to look at the possible consequences of falling over the edges! I am glad I did it but my advice is you need to be reasonably fit and OK with heights, Take your time and be sure footed as you are using rocks, roots and trees to hold into the whole time. In all it took me over two hours but I feel I've accomplished something even at my age. Good luck.

  • May 26, 2013
    Avuworda Daniel from Ghana

    It wasn't easy though but with determination courage I told myself that I will make it to the top after we have been brief about the history of the mountain and the time we are going to spend to climb (90 minutes) if no rest on the way and 120mins if rest made on the way.

    We started the journey so smoothly because we were heading towards climbing at about 3pm on the 25th of May, 2013. When it was time to climb, it was there that some of my friends decided to go back because their heart was beating more than normal but because some of us had the determination to climb we continued to climb hoping to reach the top. What motivated me was when I saw a young a girl with a security who had just gone to the top and was returning, it was there that I told myself that Danny you can make it to the top. The road wasn't easy to the top but with strength I was at the top a nice smile forgetting about how tired I was.

  • August 28, 2012
    Ohene Kwaku Bonsu (Joy Family Lodge) from Ghana

    For a 55 year-old man to climb Mount Afadjato, a 2905 feet high, from 2pm in the afternoon was a great challenge but on Sunday,August 26 my family climbed to the mountain top after nearly 2 hours. My 2 children, aged 20 (Kwabena) and daughter, Yaa Boatemaa, 16 made it. My wife retreated after acknowledging her limit, and I made it.

    How did I make it? I had not gone through an active physical training regime even though I do my treadmill jogging about 3x weekly. I did not carry with me any hiking equipment, but my family had been dreaming for nearly one year that we should attempt climbing the mount to the top and so come August 26, we started the climb at exactly 2.07pm. Though warm, it wasn't very sunny and hot.
    What got me to the top? I found strength in my weaknesses.......
    I was told at the base camp that it was going to take about 45-60 minutes to climb to the top. Hardly, do you receive any information about the climbing experience. I did the first 200 feet with so much enthusiasm I didn't experience any fatigue but after about 250 feet, I sat down on the edge of a rock, panting so hard I wondered if I should continue. (Remember, its about 250 feet vertical, not horizontal, flat land). I accepted the limitations of my age and physical condition and decided to continue but to rest any time I felt tired. I made more than 18 stops on the way, and rested. Is that how age catches up with you? I lost count after 18. Looking back, I think the several times I took to rest (perhaps, unusual) were so significant as to have given me enough energy and motivation to continue.
    The other technique used was crawling. There were many areas that were so steep, looking at such vertical height made me shudder inside. Huh!!! I can't even dream I'll go back to climb the steepness again!!!! But I was so determined to go to the top, I decided to crawl my way through, and it was extremely helpful. I held on to any stump, tree, rock, earth, that I could lay my hands on to keep me from falling. There were times I gave up. (Never give up?) My knees would wobble. My legs felt weak. I would pant as if my heart was leaping out of my mouth, and I would pray silently for strength. Several fears came running through my mind. The fear of rolling down like I've seen in films. The fear of dropping down when I hear my heart beating to a pulp. How did I overcome such fears? The technique of affirmation and visualization (seeing myself at the top) helped a lot, but I also prayed several times to help me move on. What surprised me was that any time I felt I was going to give up, after the rest, I didn't move down. I continued the climb, without thinking. Finally, about 200 feet to the top, I took a long rest. A young girl came along with a walking stick. She walked on the steep slope as if she was walking on her compound in the village down below. That's what I saw the villagers do as some of them easily passed by me. I took the stick and walked quite easily my way up to the top. It was the easiest stretch I had walked on since I started the climb. What stretch of beauty and magnificence and greenery? The rolling hills of trees compounded, lay so silently below...What mattered was the calmness and peace....
    What does all this tell you or me? I managed to use my weaknesses as props for strength and I did it in my own unique way: sheer perseverance and determination,adequate stops and rests, crawling, and prayers. In all, I used 3 hours instead of the normal, 90 minutes. Does it really matter, the time?