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Monte Bregagno

Monte Bregagno Climbing Notes

  • March 01, 2013
    Francesc Piferrer from Spain

    I climbed Monte Bregagno on 28-2-2013, starting from Breglia and through capella St. Amato. I think I was the first one to reach the summit after the heavy snowfall, but I am not sure. There is lots of snow. I did not have snowshoes and in some parts they are more than advisable. Once the forest is finish and after reaching the green squared telecommunications board, do not use the indicated route to St. Amato, since it is dangerous. Instead go straight to the vertex and then proceed until St. Amato. After that there is parts with lots of snow and a bit of ice. Under these conditions it took me about 8 hours the whole excursion since many times I was with snow until my hips. A beautiful climb with excellent views of lake Como.