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PkMiranjani – Climbing Notes

Miranjani Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • August 13, 2019
    Dr Mir Afridi from United Kingdom

    Luckily we went there in summer of 1988 or 1987 with my roommate Dr ikram from Jamrud Khyber Agency when we were spending our summer holidays in the wapda rest house. We used to see it every day from Nathya Gali side and were very curious to see its top. One day when the weather was clear we decided to track with the help of one wapda employee. Believe me we started our journey without any special preparation in joggers and a few packets of snacks. From governor house side we started climbing. Initially it was very easy through the forest but the last 200 to 300 metres near the peak was extremely difficult especially in joggers as the upward movement was almost impossible. Anyhow slowly and steadily we reached the peak. I can't explain how much happy we were. That was one of my life challenges. When We came back at lunch, the SDO and other staff didn't believe us but our guide acknowledged it. I've many pictures of that time and when i see them my heart become full of joy. My suggestion for the youngster is to try it. Its a good adventure and free of charge. Another thing if you want to track it move slowly as there's less oxygen particularly at its summit.
    Thanks for reading.
    Dr Mir

  • April 01, 2012
    Fahaim ullah from Pakistan

    Once we planned to go to Miranjani in the mid of October 2011 and we were 5 friends. We started our voyage from Peshawar.

    Unfortunately we failed to reach the summit of Marin Jani, but we were able to climb half of it.

    That was good experience. We made our way from muree and at 9 am we were at Gathia Gali then we started to move toward Miran Jani but we made a mistake and that was we forgot the right way and by the time we realized this we had moved far of course, approx 1:20 hour away from Marin Jani. We asked the local people they told us that you guys are far away from Marin Jani. So then we made our way again to Marin Jani and this time we triumphed.

    We had only 2 bottles of water and couple of packets of chips meaning we hadn't eaten a proper meal in 16 hours so we were exhausted. Going in October was not such a good idea because that was the start of fall so there was not that much fun approaching the peak lacking all greenery. It's better that you should plan at summer between June to August: the best time to visit and take full joy of trekking

    My advice is to make a group of friends and camp at the summit. Spend a night there and have a bonfire.

  • August 20, 2010
    Sher Dil from Pakistan

    This is a great peak and it is highest (9700 Feet) of the Galyat Region of Pakistan. One can take its trekking map from the Dunga Gali (4Km from Nathia Gali).

    I did its trek in July 2010.

    Nathia Gali is at 2.30 hour drive from Islamabad via murree. From murree it take 1.15 hour. Public Transport is available at Faizaabad and Pir Wadhai Bus Terminals of Islamabad/Rawalpindi Pakistan.

    A good trekker can reach it in 2.30 hours (08 Km trekking). Best time to start trek is after breakfast and lunch can be back at Nathia Gali.

    Take 1.5+litre Bottle of water with you. You may also take biscuits, slice or lunch beverages to be eat at the top.

    The top offer scenic views of next virgin hills. The trek can be more extended up to Dagri Rest House, Beeran Gali Rest House and upto Thandiani (02-03 Days)

    Guide can be hired near Governor House Nathia Gali. Which may charge 500 or so.

    From Nathia Gali main bazar, use road near Taj Mahal Hotel to Go to Governer House side.

    I completed this trek in 2.30 hour.

    Further more treks there are, Nathia Gali to Mukshpuri via Lalazar, Dunga Gali to Mukshpuri, Dunga Gali to Lalazar, Dunga Gali to Ayubia. Ayubia to Khanaspur, Ayubia to Changla Gali.

    Ayubia to Dunga Gali (04 Km) trek elevation 8200 feet, very easy trek is a must. It passes through the Ayubia National Park. This trek is best for families, ladies and kids above 5 year of age.

    Sher Dil.