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PkMiar Peak – Climbing Notes

Miar Peak Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 24, 2014
    saleh Hoper from Pakistan

    I am woundering Mr Andre. Please tell the truth. First you have come for Diran Peak it was like a giant peak for you while in BC you failed to find route. Then suddenly your windup all expedition with hardhearted and lost a lot of money. When there was no any option in front of you JasmineTours just call me from Hunza and then I join you on your request. I want to make you to at least go for any mountain base camp. Some thing is better then nothing. Please remember that EVERY THING IN THIS WORLD NEED STRENGTH EITHER IT IS NEED TO CLIMB A PEAK NEITHER TOUCH THE HEARTS OF HUMAN BEINGS. I TOOK YOU TO RUSH PEAK 5014 mt and I calculate you and Mr Clause power that it was very difficult for you to even climb Rush Peak. While Japanese kids in age of 12 to 14 easily climbed with me in 2004. in front of you on Rush Lake there were more then 10 peaks between 5000mt to 7400mt if you have the power and energy you have to go for there. Otherwise, you by your own will windup to Hoper valley. One important thing you never mention for readers that I offer you my whole service free. I have never charged any single penny from your side till now. What should I do for you? This was my duty to offer you every options to climb 6000mt peaks around there and I never neglect you, even offering traditional foods as a host. If you are a true European tell the truth . You lost only 1000 USD. Do you know how much money I lost? I am really sad and still I am not demanding for my charges. But if there Porters are expensive then this is carried out by tourism department. A fixed rule and each and every climber and porter have to face . For this case, please asked tourism department. I am really sorry and it hurt me a lot.

    [Editor writes: Andre and Saleh. This is not meant to be a forum for disputes. Hopefully you can resolve this in private via emails]

  • June 03, 2014
    Andre from France

    We were in Pakistan this year. Saleh promised us a 6000+ mountain. We just got a 4800 mountain. The trek was definitely no climbing tour as discussed. We lost all our money getting no value for it.
    Hunza/Hopar Porter are very expensive and do not follow the rules. So all told us using Baltoro area is much better.
    The Miar peak Saleh showed turned out to be peak number 45. Still it seems Miar is unclimbed.


  • December 11, 2013
    saleh from Pakistan

    Miar Peak (6825mt) is still unclimbed peak in Karakorum region. I am a guide to Miar Bc in 2001 with 5 Japanese climbers to Miar Peak.
    Location: Hoper Nagar Pakistan karakorum white range
    Coordinates: 36*30.68N 74*49'30.03*E.
    How to Access.
    Day 1 Islamabad to Gilgit
    Day 2 Gilgit to Hoper valley
    Day3 Hoper to Hamder meadows
    Day 4 Hamder to Dachighun Miar
    Day 5 Dachighan to Miar Peak BC
    Best season for climbing 20th June to 25 Of July
    Avalanches and huge ice boulders and debris starts to come down from mid of April to 1oth of June. I am locale resident of Hoper valley and since 1994 I attached with tourism.
    Ask further information all about Karkorum range and particularity Hoper and Hisper peaks at any time. feel free to ask. My Email hoperrush@gmail.com cell 00923159181234