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UkMerrick, Galloway – Climbing Notes

Merrick, Galloway Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • January 08, 2021
    John from United Kingdom

    Went up 08/01/20, snow, about -7 degrees, high wind, sunny. It's a nice easy walk. A hill walk. Clearly some expect a paved road up the mountain. Don't let the post from who ever calls themselves "realist" dissuade you. It's a nice walk with nice views, dress for the weather. I would say winter is an ideal time to go up there.

    Yes, there are rocks, snow, occasional ice but it's nothing difficult. When I was heading down I met a guy on his way up, jogging, in trainers. It's really not anything difficult.

  • November 20, 2018
    Realist from United Kingdom

    To everyone who is thinking of climbing Merrick. I strongly advise you to disregard completely what "Boab" has written.

    Merrick is by no means an easy climb, particularly in Winter. The start of the trail is extremely boggy, with submerged sections, steep rock-covered portions, and many other dangers. Once past the Culsharg bothy, there is another steep and treacherous section through the forest up to the deer fence, where there is a half-way decent path, but you will be buffeted by gale-force winds all the way up to Benyellary. The ridge from there to the summit of Merrick is long, exposed, and steep, with the wind blowing from your right on the way up.

    My friend and I nearly had to turn back due to fading light. Boab is an idiot. Disregard what they have written. Merrick is dangerous, especially in Winter.

  • February 01, 2013
    Boab from United Kingdom

    A nice easy walk up to the Merrick with fantastic view over to Isle of Man and up to Ben Lomond. No difficulties in this walk. In winter it's also straight forward.