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InManimahesh Kailash Peak – Climbing Notes

Manimahesh Kailash Peak Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 06, 2018
    Praveen Thakur from India

    This boy who claimed to reach Manimahesh peak is biggest lier I have ever come across. I request to every one who believe in Manimahesh not to believe this fake news. Who certified that this guy has climbed on Kailash peak. Bottom line is this guy is a fake guy and he is a person who has never got name and fame. He is an unsuccessful person in his life so he is so desperate to get fame.

  • December 27, 2017
    Kaka Ram from India

    All note regarding climbing on Manimaheh peak

  • September 12, 2017
    Dinesh Kumar from India

    No one can climb Manimahesh peak
    I"m from that place there is no news or simply fake about abhijit minhas....

  • September 07, 2017
    Diwaker Kashyap from India

    Jai shankar,
    I have seen two flags in left mid of Mount kailash
    On is in red colour and second one is in orange.
    I flags are there then some one tried to climbed it.

  • August 12, 2017
    RS from India

    Where is the picture which proves that Abhijit Manhas really climbed the Manimahesh mountain in 2015?

  • September 02, 2015
    abhijit manhas from India

    Abhijit Manhas tried to climb Kailash mountain in Manimahesh in 2015 and he successfully climbed it and at the top he put a statue of lord shiva with his photo at peak of mountain Kailash. He is surely a lord boy. We salute to this miracle boy and he did this unbelievable miracle at the only age of 20 years

  • June 15, 2015
    Diwaker kashyap from India

    No one can climb Mount Kailash..
    It's an virgin mount. Indo-Japanese
    team tried to climb but unfortunately they
    failed. American team tried to climb this mountain but suddenly rock started sliding down the Mount Kailash and they ran away

  • August 13, 2012
    Sumit from India

    Will-power and true heart can help you to climb in the Manimahesh Kailas maountain...nothing is impossible only you have to faith and will-power