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AuKreuzspitze – Climbing Notes


Kreuzspitze Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 15, 2014
    Henkus from Netherlands

    Kreuzspitze (3457m)
    Date climbed: 12-9-2014
    We reached the top of the Kreuzspitze from mountain village Vent (1900m). It is a 2 h walk to the Martin-Busch hutte (2501m = +600m, 5 km). From the M-B hutte it is a 3 h climb to the summit (3457m = +1000m, 2.5 km). In 4 h you can descent to Vent. The route is relative simple and well marked. Snow might cover the markings. Mist and clouds could also be a problem. You pass one or two snow fields but you need no crampons as the snow fields are horizontal. The top houses a great top cross and a fantastic view!
    Arjen Buitenhuis
    Henk de Weerd