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GrKerkis – Climbing Notes

Kerkis Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • October 29, 2013
    samosoutdoors from Greece

    Kerkis is one of the most unique routes for island hike. You need to pay attention to the timing, food and water supplies, as well as the right shoe. Hiking shoes are required in order to avoid injuries.
    The mountain is not very hiking friendly and each year there are several accidents and people who get lost up there, so you have to be careful. Most people find it difficult to orientate on the alpine zone of the mountain as there are very few signs pointing the way.
    The way to the summit and back is about 6 hours for an intermediate hiker depending on the path you choose. There are 5 different paths to the top.
    We usually go up about once per week, even during the winter. We can advise people who wish to hike on Kerkis or even guide them to the top.
    Find more about us at samosoutdoors.com

  • March 11, 2011
    Kai from Germany

    Start from Marathokambos / Votsalakia with rental car or bike and follow the signs lead to "Pythagoras Cave". At the end of road you start the walk up following the signs lead to Monastir "Evangelistria". At the Monastir (ca. 1,5 hrs walk up) is a very beautiful place for a first rest and you can although fill up you water bottles at the spring. Further way is marked (stones and/or red colour marks)and leads up the way to "Profitis Ilias" - Chapel. Next way is good to find and leads to the summit. Total climbing (walk up...) time is about 3-4 hrs. up, 2-3 hrs. down. Samos can be hot in summer, take at least 3 litres. of water with you, dont walk up with running shoes or something. Good Mountain / Trekking boots are required. Don´t walk if it is foggy or cloudy - then its impossible to find the right way and Kerkis can be very dangerous!
    So, come to Samos and go for it - it´s one of the most beautiful islands and the Kerkis - Tour is really worthy!