Kallidromo Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • February 27, 2012
    kallidromo from Greece

    The word "Nevropoli" comes from the words and edgy = elafopoulo City. The name was taken because, according to local tradition the area was filled with top elafia. I located above Thermopylae called Elafovouni. Alles sites known to his friends is the Kallidromo Agorassia [the mid Anopaias Path] or corn [with the Kalogerovrysi the Achmati, the Liathitsa and gravel with tap him], and on top of what else? Ai-Lias! [Paliovoros]
    Is the rightmost Isomata the Mourouzis the lakes, his Lykotrypes Lazara and the thick trees, Psiloracho, the traps, and Kedroracho Ntouskolakes the right of the layer and the great joy [Long Louza] leading to Neraidalona in Xeropigado in Koromilia and from there the imposing Gkioza.
    Kallidromo is passable, so the name, and has many floors and tsoumaria, sources with fountains and waterers, rare herbs and worshiped manitaria.This place for paroikountes, particularly for residents of Paleohori Dorians, who in their region have the largest piece, is one of the first celebrations in Nevropoli established and highlighted the region, initially in Fthiotida and later to countless friends in beautiful Mountain Kallidromou Earth