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Hallasan Climbing Notes

  • January 05, 2018
    Dave from Korea, Republic of

    I have lived here for over two years and regularly train for ultras on these trails. In winter, bring elastic crampons for your shoes (can be purchased at an Emart for roughly $10USD.)

    A hard shell (Gore-tex or windstopper) is quite important for most days at the summit and high points. Layer for windchill temps. No technical equipment is needed. On all five of the trails, you will not be more than 5km from the nearest shelter/safehouse/entrance.

    At each of the entrances, you can catch buses, purchase snacks/hydration and more recently, obtain free wifi.

    The trails are mostly volcanic stone (if not covered in snow/ice from December through February) - Running shoes are fine for all conditions with the exception of right after a heavy snowfall (greater than 30cm).

    The trails from most-populated to least (in my observation...)
    Yeongsil, Seongpanak, Eorimok, Gwaneumsa, Donnaeko.

  • April 24, 2017
    Mindy from Singapore

    We lived in Cheongji-dong near the Cheongjiyeom waterfall and was within less than 10min walking distance to the Seogwipo (old) bus terminal where a very genteel and helpful ajussi manned the ticket counter. There were 2 buses (701 & 781) that go to the Seongpanak entrance.
    Even though we were unfit, we completed the Seongpanak trail with many rest stops. There were many ajussis and ajumas who overtook us and completed the trail with less pain. There were a couple of friendly ones who shared their food and halting conversations with us. It got more windy towards the summit and windbreakers would be great for this leg.

    We took the Gwaneumsa trail for our descent and it was alot more scenic. I could imagine the rapids and streams in times of wetter weather. It was indeed harder with more rocky and steeper terrain but was manageable on the descent. We completed it in 3.5 hours.

    At the Gwaneumsa entrance, the surrounding view was awesome and the splattering of cherry blossom was a great delight as we didn't expect to see them towards the end of April. Since it was a Monday, we were told that there was no shuttle bus and spent 20,000W in a taxi to Dongmun Market. That took almost 20mins.

  • May 25, 2010
    Weide from Singapore

    There are a few trails up Hallasan. I took the Seongpanak trail. It is made up of wooden and rocky steps. Certain parts are quite steep rocks but it is still ok to climb up without using hands.

    The last part is quite easy but tedious which makes up of endless man-made stairs.

    It took me about 5 hours to reach the peak in a slow pace with intermediate water and photo taking breaks. The descend was about 3 hours without any breaks in between.