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ChHaba Xue Shan or Haba Snow Mountain – Climbing Notes


Haba Xue Shan or Haba Snow Mountain Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 02, 2018
    Overtheapline from Hong Kong

    A valuable experience for a 5,000m+ snow mountain climb.


  • November 22, 2015
    Geoff B from Canada

    Info based on 10/31/2015 Alpine style climb.

    Notes: My family stayed in a basic but safe and ok guest house covered in climbing flags in Haba Village.

    - Mandatory 200 RMB for conservation.

    - If needed 150 RMB for donkey to carry your stuff to high base camp

    - If wanted 150 per night per bed in a basic but nice barrack style building at the camp. No eccentricity, wooden beds with pillows and blankets, with temps a little below freezing and wind coming through the walls I was glad i still brought my sleeping bag. Alternatively you can tent it for free but it's 4150 m up so be ready for the cold etc etc at night.

    - Guide is 200 RMB (100rmb per day)

    Food: You will have access to some fire pits and log shelters along the way. Your guide can give you bowling water at these stops. But you should bring food that does not need a lot of prep.

    You can pay etc for the guide to bring your food and you will get simple crackers with veggies and pork bowled over the fire.

    Basic Alpine style climbing. If the summit is your goal you Basic glacier travel gear. (crampons, compatible boots, ice axe, head lap, helmet etc.) Taking the "normal routes" you will not need to be roped up.

    Tip: If you plan to use the donkey to get your other stuff to base camp I would suggest you pack your stuff in a duffle bag and bring a small day/summit pack (water, snack, bad weather gear, ice axe & crampons) is all you will be bringing.

    P.S. My wife, 2 kids and I live in Lijiang and are in the process of starting a Adventure travel business. It's not 100% official (as of Nov. 2015) so we can't take any money but we would be more then happy to help with any questions and point you the right way. contact us at www(dot)AdventureNomads(dot)com