Guadalupe Peak Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • April 01, 2011
    Mountain Mama from United States

    Yes you definitely need to go prepared. I have learned my lesson the hard way in the Franklin Mountains of El-Paso Texas. Thankfully I haven't learned a deadly one.Myself and my 2 kids had to be rescued in those mts. Not at all a fun experience very scary. By the grace of God we all made it down safely. Now we did have good hiking shoes and a cell phone. We had some WATER BUT NOT ENOUGH. Also we did let family know where we were going.

    Here are some great tips on what you should do or bring so you can have a fun and wonderful time as safely as possible. Always let somebody know where you are going,you can never bring to much water lots of water! Flash light if you do end up there in dark,sweaters or good jackets it may be warm or even hot in the day but in the mountains that can change fast! Good hiking shoes,glow sticks and whistles you never know you could need them for rescuers to locate you. First aide kit, snake bite kit and last but not least plenty of snacks food for energy. Hiking and mountain climbing can take your energy fast.Cell phones to!. It may seem like a lot but believe me its all worth it. Its better to have to much than to little. Hope this is helpful. One more tip leave early to hopefully get back before dark. Have a very fun time enjoy the scenery!