El Plomo Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • October 03, 2014
    Luis Moreno from Chile

    This is an amazing mountain nearby Santiago, Chile. It is located to the east of Santiago, where you can get there from the commune of Lo Barnechea, taking Farellones road ( road to get to the skiing centers). At the end is found la Parva skiing center from where you can start the journey to the summit of El Plomo. Also, you can advance some kms in car, but it depends of the weather conditions in the area ( Season: winter or summer), to get to the bottom is necessary first to make a walk of around 11 kms: most people make this section in two days or inclusive one day. The first camp is Piedra numerada a comfortable place beside the Cepo river. So far to this point are around 7 kms. The next stretch could be lighter to get to the bottom of EL Plomo, the bottom is well known as Federacion. From here, you can make your base camp to climb this wonderful mountain that could take half day to make summit and return to base camp (requirement: cross a glacier). From the summit, you are able to view the Andes mountain range. After that you can return to La Parva in 3/4 of a day.

    Important points:
    -make summit at dawn (avoid reaching the summit later, for weather conditions).

    -bring the suitable mountain gear.
    * parka
    * helmet
    * leggings
    * gloves¨
    * mountaineering boots
    * sunglasses
    * straight ice ax
    * cords
    * etc.

    Does not require sport climbing nor ice climbing.

    Plan your ascent thoroughly.

    MAil: lemp2407@gmail.com