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UkEagle Crag – Climbing Notes


Eagle Crag Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • June 12, 2022
    Truefreedomseekers from United Kingdom

    Best parking for the walk to Eagle Crag in the Lake District is from Stonethwaite. We parked here and then the path leading to Eagle Crag is clear and easy to follow onto the fell side.

    There is limited accommodation in the village but Keswick isn't too far down the road where there is ample places to stay whichever kind of accommodation you're after.

    The walk up to Eagle Crag is a steep climb, with some scrambling too. Can see why it would be tricky in poor weather conditions and ice, but on a spring morning like we had it was great weather for the walk to the top. A real mix of everything and enjoyable to complete.

    Check out our walking blog on the route if you like, to help get you there, and bag Eagle Crag, and Sergeant's Crag at the same time if you like too.