Diran Peak Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 26, 2014
    saleh Hoper from Pakistan

    Peak is know as Minapin Nagar Peak too. It is situated in Rakhaposhi and Harmosh range. The accurate height is not decided yet but more climbers nad locals agree on 7432mt.
    A three member Austrian expedition decided to try in 1968.
    they set up camp i at 4800mt but deep crevasses and deep snow and harsh wind between camp i to camp ii. But from camp iii it is easy to acces top. After this in 1958 British expedition fail to climb from NW face, because the leader EGC war and one member was stuck with a heavy storm and disappeared when only 300ft to the summit.

    In 1959 German Karakorum expedition leader Hans a member know as ERWIN reached the hightest altitude in the history of Diran. At last, Austrian expedition in 1964 summited Diran.

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