Crest Mountain Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • July 03, 2013
    Gerald Roberts from Canada

    Camping is only permitted 1 kilometre from the highway. The Creek crossing [log with handrail] fits this requirement and is the last place for water until the snow melt lake 5 kilometres and 1,250 metre gain from the parking at highway 28.

    It is an interesting walk along the plateau ridge from the lake to the summit a 160 metre gain over 1.25km.

    Camping at the lake is usual but as a wilderness area 'scat holes' must be dug well away from the only available water supply.

    The sunset and sunrise can be well worth seeing but pack as light as possible for an overnight stay a the steep descent is hard on knees and legs.

    Gold River 16 kilometres west is the nearest place for help [RCMP, Clinic, telephone (no cell coverage I area),tow truck and gasoline plus groceries and restaurants].

    Into from Buttle Lake Hut run by Strathcona Park Wilderness Society at