Cerro Provincia Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • July 27, 2016
    Matías from Chile

    Technically not a difficult mountain (there's only a rock step, near the end of the trekking, that might be a little obstacle when there's snow during the winter; sometimes there's a rope to help the climb, but if you do it carefully you can do it without the rope). The route is quite clear, specially during the summer and spring. When the snow comes, the route gets covered with snow (specially near the last 2 hours of the trekking) so you need to choose your lines (always following the summit) through the mountain ridges.
    After the first two hours, you'll get to a sign where there's information about the route. From there, following a path that goes through a series of hills (first going south and then going southeast) you will find the obvious route to the summit.
    With good weather and little weight, the trekking should take 5 hours to the summit (4 if you have very good physical condition). If there's snow and you want to spend a night in the summit (where there's a refuge for ten people) the trekking might take 7 hours.
    During the summer, there's no water during the whole trekking.