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PeCerro blanco/sand dune – Climbing Notes

Cerro blanco/sand dune Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • March 26, 2017
    Peru Adventure from Peru

    The trek and climb to Cerro Blanco Dune can done every day from Nasca, the view of the Andes and the coast line is very impressive - Of course if you love camping this a good place for that and see the starry sky from the top of the dune.

    The weather around the Cerro Blanco Dune (2070M) usually is sunny and hot up to 35°C on the bottom of the valley – The surface is very dry and soft making hard the way up to the summit if you don’t follow the correct path – Sometimes between February and April are some rain showers on the dune but not every day or all day and this natural fenomeno change the color of the base of the dune (gray to green) and appear pretty strange flowers and cactuses making nicer visit this amazing dune.