Brading Down Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • March 30, 2013
    mark francis from United Kingdom

    One of the main roads of the IOW goes across its summit from Bully's Hill in the east to Downend (Hare & Hounds pub).
    To walk there you can go up from Brading along the Mall and past "Little Jane's Cottage" which takes you up through Kelly's Copse. There is a wooden statue of the goddess Diana by Paul Sivell which commemorates the murder of a Danish student. The path through the woods leads onto the top. There is often an ice cream van in the Summer. You can see the Admiralty Seamark on Ashey Down & the woods in front of it are nature reserves called Eagles Head Copse and Bloodstone Wood & are reputed to be a battleground against the Vikings (or Jutes v Saxons) which allegedly gave the red colour to the rocks in the Bloodstone Stream (actually its algae- if you can see it all.)