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Boundary Bald Mountain

Boundary Bald Mountain Climbing Notes

  • August 06, 2019
    Phil Smith from United States

    Once you get to the actual trailhead by either hiking or driving up Notch Rd (narrow 4x4s with good ground clearance only), be prepared for a rocky, root-y, muddy, steep ascent! As you approach the summit there’s more ledge and the vegetation becomes the stunted trees and ground cover of the alpine zone. There’s quite a bit of White Mountain Saxifrage scattered around.

    The view from the summit is AMAZING, even on a hazy day. I can’t wait to go up there this winter. I wouldn’t take the hiking trail in winter, though; the snow gets deep enough that you could easily be walking on a cornice without knowing it. A better route is bushwhacking up the westernmost spur starting at the base of Notch Rd. The going is smooth for the most part. You will want snowshoes, preferably on the large size for your weight because the snow can be soft and very deep - as in 6-10’ or deeper on the lee (south) side. Total distance from the bottom of Notch Rd to the summit is about 2 miles, depending on how direct a route you take.