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RsAvachinsky – Climbing Notes

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  • July 24, 2018
    Wolfgang Piecha from Germany

    The shortest way to the entry point for an Avachinsky hike is in 90 minutes from Elizovo/Airport Petropavlovsk to the saddle between Koryakski and Avachinsky at 900m. If you come by taxi you need a 4-WD with a driver who knows the way following, mainly through a river bed. Even in July this may be partly covered by wet and warm snow. At the entry point are at least two ensembles of commercial alpine huts, as Avachinsky is popular amongst Russians, but also Japanese and German groups. The "village" of Alpika plus has - a real luxury - one hot shower. e-mail: "alpikaplus41@mail.ru"; mob: +7-902-469-13-85 and +7-914-789-91-11.

    The hike uphill is between 5 and 7 hours for 9 km. Inclination is up to 30 degrees. The trail is very visible and has - although undergrounds vary, with wet snow fields in some parts even in July - a good grip. For the last 100m a rope offers assistance to get a perfect grip in the loose ashes close to the rim.

    You should reach the peak before 1 pm, as by then often clouds start to cover the cones of Avachinsky as well as neighboring Koryaksky.

    Downhill hike is only 3 hours or less.