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FrAneto – Climbing Notes

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  • March 11, 2015
    Antonio from Spain

    Aneto is the highest mountain of all Pyrenees. You will find glaciers on some faces of this mountain. It has the largest glaciers of all Pyrenees. In summer there are lot people on the normal route to reach the summit. It is not difficult but it is good to have mountain experience. on the normal route you have to cross a glacier, therefor you should put on crampons and go with ice-axe.

    Very close to the summit you have to cross a very narrow pass, where you have to climb a little bit. may be level 2 or 3. the problem is that you have on both sides a very high and steep wall. a fall here means death. There are also other routes with all kind of technical difficulties. In winter you will find meters of snow and a paradise to practice cross-country skiing and free-ride.